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Anne de Solene Fine French Linens

For more than 50 years, the name Anne de Solene has conveyed elegance, refinement, and tradition.

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Anne de Solene Bedding

Washington DC Virginia Maryland Anne de Solene bedding bed linens Wisteria bedding collection


Anne de Solene Bedding

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Anahita Collection

Traditional paisley motifs are adorned with a novelty polka dot to express a rhythm of lightness and authentic charm.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $97.50 – $420

Artiste Collection

A base of sober, dense colors with splashes of lighter tones evokes a natural look and feel. Orange tones warm up and brighten this pattern.

Atlantic Collection

The Atlantic duvet cover is both sober and chic, giving off a relaxed feel with its playful stripe motif.

Babylone Collection

Like a hanging garden, this multitude of flowers with shimmering hues blends with timeless stripes to offer a dazzling spectacle.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $75 – $400

Blossom Collection

Stripes and colorful tones are highlighted in Anne de Solene’s Blossom collection.

Caraibe Collection

Anne de Solene’s Caraibe linens capture the magic of the tropics with a print of palm trees in vibrant, tropical tones.

Champetre Collection

Romantic and idyllic with the charm of a countryside painting, the herbs and flowers make for a unique landscape bursting with sweet freshness.

Diamond White Collection

The Anne de Solene Diamond collection plays on geometric motifs for a refined, trendy touch in your bedroom.

Diamond Blue Collection

Diamond Blue is a high-end collection of bed linen, a timeless classic that adds a chic, trendy touch to your bedroom.

Diamond Gray Collection

The grey Diamond collection, with its subtle geometric motif and soft satin-feel fabric, adds a soft, elegant touch to your bedroom.

Eloge Collection

This collection of bed linen highlights whites and grays, the colors of calm and serenity.

Eloge Brume Collection

Luxury, calm and voluptuous… an ode to peace and serenity. Praise the beautiful linens and delicate, precious finishes of Anne de Solène.

Envolee Collection

This bedding collection from Anne de Solène is embellished with fresh wintery tones of blue and white.
$90.00 – $350.00

Evanescence Collection

A classical theme with cherubins inspired by Toile de Jouy design. Duvet covers have a floral & figural design on one side and a candy stripe design on the reverse. Offered in French blue on white or prune on white.
$75.00 – $250.00

Farandole Collection

Opt for a splash of summer fever with citrus-inspired anemones that breathe waves of perfumed blooms into your bedroom.

Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $75 – $375

Flore Collection

Anne de Solène’s Flore collection sees fall colors combined in a fusion of warm, ornamental opulence in tones of pink and bordeaux.
$90.00 – $600.00

Leonie Collection

You’re sure to love this Léonie duvet cover in combed long-fiber percale with the peony print on one side and diamond motif on the other.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $75 – $400

Lina Collection

You’re sure to love this Léonie duvet cover in combed long-fiber percale with the peony print on one side and diamond motif on the other.

Majeste Collection

Majeste is dressed in a frame with elegant and precious motifs, which spread discreetly across the white sateen ground for a bright, light result.

Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $97.50 – $420.00

Ombeline Collection

Imbued with freshness and lightness, Ombeline is adorned with exalted flowers in harmonious hues for a modern and idyllic look.

Origami Collection

Enjoy a warm, welcoming, Scandinavian feel in your bedroom with this reversible collection, available in several tones and geometric motifs.

Paisley Collection

The Paisley bed linen collection highlights slightly diluted colors, as if it were brushed by a winter fog.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $95 – $435

Plume Grey Collection

The Paisley bed linen collection highlights slightly diluted colors, as if it were brushed by a winter fog.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $60 – $325

Symphonie Collection

Purity of white, perfection of detail, timelessness of the nuances: a perfect balance reigns on this set of bed linen highlighted by 4 bourdons stitches.

Wisteria Collection

The Wisteria collection features a white-on-white sateen jacquard with scrolling Wisteria flowers and foliage. The top adds a large-scale overprinted design of a wisteria flower bouquet of in a palette of blues, lilacs, and mauve.
Sheeting, Shams & Duvet Covers: $90 – $415

Anne de Solene, located in the Vosges, France and is home to by passionate, skilled craftspeople who share their knowledge so that the rich history and fine quality of French bed linen endures.

At Emissary Fine Linens, we proudly offer a curated selection of Anne de Solene bedlinen in both of our Washington, DC-area stores.

In addition, we will be happy to special order any of the fine products from Anne de Solene’s large line of high-quality bedding, a service we provide at no additional charge.

Unique Expertise

Every piece is the result of great mastery of techniques and textile expertise. For more than 50 years, Anne de Solene has nurtured a relationship of trust with their customers thanks to attention to detail, authenticity, and the use of only the highest-quality materials.

By selecting the most beautiful fabrics and adorning them with meticulous finishes, they are able to offer you bed linens of the finest quality. Every step of the fabrication process is closely monitored, and every custom-made item is made at the Julienrupt factory in the Vosges by passionate, skilled craftspeople.

Anne de Solene combines creativity, quality, and excellence to transform cotton, linen, satin or mixed-thread fabric into a range of original, elegant linen collections with timeless charm.

A strong identity

Since the first collection was introduced, more than half a century ago, Anne de Solene has created a delicate, luxurious ideal around French style and refinement. Combining style and quality, the company has become word-renowned for their subtle motifs, the intensity and durability of their colors, and a charming, refined French style that complements and elevates any interior.

Unique Quality and Style

With its elegance and refined finishes, the AdS house linen is reminiscent of an era when time wasn’t a factor in creating traditional linen. Inspired by the decorative arts, the study of style, and the evolution of fashion, the company’s artists’ and technicians’ creative minds are continually evolving, enabling them to produce new and inspired collections several times a year.

Anne de Solene is always developing new designs and staying ahead of the fashion curve, all while respecting the stylistic traditions of the brand. In the purest tradition of the Vosges, every piece is hand-drawn before being made. Fabrics are either percale or 100% long-fiber sateen, woven of the best-quality Egyptian cotton to guarantee irreproachable quality and durability. Classical bourdon, double inner rib, trimmed edges—Anne de Solène’s craftspeople are adept at creating the most beautiful and sophisticated finishes. The creative team is 100% integrated into the Vosges, France factory, which is why Anne de Solène guarantees exclusive, authentic design of every one of their pieces.

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