Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe makes luxurious, modern, and exclusive baby blankets, newborn essentials and home accessories.

Renowned for creating top-of-the-line, luxury baby blankets and newborn essentials.

Since 2000, Little Giraffe’s unique collections have delighted style-makers and discerning parents with their signature blend of innovative design, minimalist graphic prints, lush color palette, and ultrasoft fabrics.

Emissary Fine Linens is proud to offer a large selection of Little Giraffe baby blankets, gifts, and toys in both of our conveniently-located Washington, DC-area stores.


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Little Giraffe supports charities for babies and mothers that are in need. They share the LOVE by donating to children’s hospitals.


All Little Giraffe products are made from the highest quality, softest textiles, and provide not only comfort, but soothe and calm your baby for restful sleep. They search the world for the few fabrics that meet their high standards so they can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer! The company’s fabrics retain their luxurious finish and heirloom quality after years of easy care.


Little Giraffe’s innovative collections strive to bring comfort and modernity from their design studio in California to your home. With a sophisticated color palette driven by dreamy pastels, and with a clean aesthetic, inspired luxury for the nursery (and home) has never been so effortless.

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